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3 International Shipping Myths You Should Know

International Shipping Myths

Frequently, international shipping is misinterpreted. Indeed, numerous firms might profit from establishing import and export procedures but choose not to do so due to erroneous beliefs. There are several aspects that you should consider, and they are right. For example, while comparing different locations and items, shipping costs might readily become apparent.

Additionally, it is possible to encounter geographic discrepancies. When you send anything from New Zealand to Australia, the pricing may be different than when you ship the identical item from Australia to New Zealand. We will not discuss information that you already know. We will examine three international shipping fallacies that must be dispelled.

1. You Must Deal With Extensive Paperwork

The majority of business owners feel that international shipping entails a plethora of papers and, in general, a great deal of paperwork. If much documentation is in place, the shipping will take an eternity. This is not true. The reality is that the majority of overseas shipments require only a few papers.

When you deal with a reputable shipping partner, your life will become significantly easier. Essentially, the freight operator should handle all of the paperwork for you. This provides more clarity on customs duties.

2. You Are Charged More For Certain Products

When you send something, it is natural for the freight forwarder to consider the size and weight of the packages. However, while calculating delivery costs, the quantity of items sent is irrelevant. The size and dimensions of the item account for a sizable portion of the delivery cost.

The majority of carriers will set shipping rates based on the size of the box. Bear in mind that the majority of shipping firms provide projected shipping charges that you may see prior to agreeing to the contract’s conditions. Additionally, it is a good idea to delegate packaging to the delivery company. This is due to the experience factor, which results in low compensation.

3. International Shipping Is Exorbitantly Pricey

International shipping, of course, is more expensive than domestic shipping. This is quite natural. However, a growing number of service providers now provide unbelievable costs for shipping a variety of items.

Additionally, there are certain special deals available when certain requirements are met. Bear in mind that freight forwarders face stiff competition. This is especially true when confronted with unanticipated events that result in decreased cargo numbers, such as the current coronavirus epidemic.


These three international shipping myths are far more prevalent than you would assume. Never consider them to be right. As demonstrated, the fact is much different.

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